A Conversation with Harvey

Honestly, I think Jesus and Harvey are sitting some place talking about their careers on earth. They both talk about what they set out to do, tried to do and then were tortured and killed for trying. I think they both appreciate each other and understand and have wonderful conversations. Jesus sips His coffee and says,  “Remember the time I said all homosexuals were pedophiles and were banned from my grace and eternal life and love?” and Harvey will say, “No actually I don’t Jesus…” Jesus will say, “That is because I never said it. Someone else made it up.” and they will smile and continue sipping their coffee…

Harvey will say, “Remember the time that I said, “I am Harvey Milk and I am here to recruit you?  The people in the movement understood my humor but the others thought I was some how going to actually make people gay?” Jesus will smile and say, “No one has understood good word play since Shakespeare.”

Then Jesus, being Jesus,coffeejesus will look at Harvey with admiration and say, “I am proud of you, you were born with the capacity to change things and you gave it your all…” Harvey will be humbled and with the greatest of kindness say, “Thank you my dear friend, so did you.”