Dear Fetus Friday…

To the fetus formally known as Achmed,

I have known your mother since she was just turning 19.   Even though she was much younger than I,  which is decades,  we felt almost instantly that we had some how crossed paths with each other in our lives somewhere else in the universe.  I have considered her my sister pretty much from the start.  Yesterday,  she drank a glass of orange juice and suddenly and unexpectedly felt you moving around inside her.  It was the first time she was able to feel you.  For a few more weeks,  it will just be you and her.  You are too tiny yet for your Dad or family to also be able feel you.  Perhaps you and your mom, during this exclusive time, can plan a signal system so you can talk to her.  She already knows that you love orange juice.  I pray that you both enjoy this time that only you two can share.  She is so excited that you are coming!  Everyone is excited you are coming.  You have been in the hearts and minds of your family for a very long time.  Btw,  yesterday was her birthday and I cannot think of any better gift to give her.  Thank you for making it special for her.

Love…  hummm  I wonder what you will call me?  What about Ninny?  I loved that movie…  I hope you call me that.


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