Time Flies (Microblog Monday)


I swear I hear geese fly over head everyday… they are so conversational… it makes me wish I were up there joining in the conversations. But lately, I hear a slight, almost imperceptible change in pitch. I used to hear what I believe was a wonderful conversation of a days worth of fishing and swimming and how glad they were to be going back to their favorite marsh, lake, pond… but just now, with a slight breeze coming through the doors… they were speaking of travel plans, and winters farther away from my home with warmer sunrises and better fishing… “not yet…” I whispered, “please?”.



2 thoughts on “Time Flies (Microblog Monday)

  1. I can’t hear geese anymore without thinking of the scene in the Magicians where all the students turn into geese and Quentin describes flying in that goose formation.

    I’m not ready for their conversation to change either.

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