Open Letter to Josh Duggar…

Open letter to Josh Duggar: My prayers are with Anna and the children you brought into this world who will have to, one day see, the legacy you have left for them. Before you think I am hating on you, please take a breath. I am praying that you get REAL therapy and experience the REAL consequences of your actions. You should have been arrested once the original revelation of your molestation of your sisters and whoever else you have molested. If you have broken the law with your affiliation with this company and the women you chose to be a sexual partner, instead of your beloved Anna, you need to step up and let it happen. You seem to have already skirted around your molestation charges. You have no idea how “lucky” you are that YOU are not being institutionalized or arrested. God loves you. God also expects you to make worldly amends to those you have lied to and took advantage of. Its time to stop pitching new TLC programs and find real ways to care for that beautiful, amazing, and repressed siblings that are finding living the life your parents have expected from you all your lives. I am sorry if this ruins your family income but its time for all of you to take a class in “real life and how to deal with it”. Your parents have chosen to put every single one of you into the public eye. I hope you all mentally and physically get real with the human side of life. We can strive to be perfect according to the dogma we have been born into, but life takes over. I pray for you, for Anna and your children, for your parents who now really need to stop with the promotion of their “lifestyle” and get help with all of their children’s mental and emotional struggles that cannot be over written by snippets of the Bible and prayer. God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps He is using you to free the rest of your siblings from the expectation of perfection. I guarantee that some of your brothers and sisters are dealing with their own demons and are pretending to live a life that doesn’t fit who they have been told they are. Blessings to all.


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