TBT Flowers From South Africa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Flowers From South Africa

I received a Christmas card today from South Africa! When I opened the card all excited like delicate dried blue and beige flowers tumbled into my lap. I instantly teared up. Dear friend Cecile! She never stops delighting me!

I met Cecile, (I call her Cec…prounounced seeeeeessss though she has never heard my voice, that is what people in my physical life know her by) on an online expecting club in 98. We both sharing only a due date in March 99. Over the years though she became more like a sister. Soul mate. A person that you know will always be in your life. There is something about her that spans the miles. As I looked down at my lap filled with flowers she was suddenly there. Her smile I’ve only seen in a faded picture I have and a hug that I always feel but have never actually had. I was both saddened by the miles and delighted by the opportunity that the internet has brought into our lives. We can touch so many more people now. We can know people whom we may have never knew existed. We are afforded a glimpse into our “sameness” as well as our differences. We are connected by our humanity in a way that no one could have ever dreamed of before.

I carefully picked up the flowers and put them back in my envelope… they are waiting for the “perfect place” to show itself here in my home. My card said this:

Wense vir alles wat mooi is vir Kersfees en die komende jaar…

Which loosely translated means may everything be beautiful at Christmas and have a happy new year…

To you Cecile I say: Gelukkig lewe innig vriend!

which either means I am wishing her a “happy life dear friend!” or “hand me that banana”. I am never quite sure.


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