Do You Accept Coupons?

Almost 3 months ago,  a dear friend came to meet me all the way from VA.   She also scheduled her visit to be there when I had to undergo a couple of procedures which triggered me into a frenzy.   They had to put me under so I wouldn’t start swinging and blacken someone’s eye.

But other than that day and a half,  we had a lot of fun.   We have been speaking to each other for over a year.  So there was not really an awkward moment, at least for me.   We always discuss what our own side of Facebook is doing.  I began to tell her of the “Great Coupon Battle”  on a board who I have been with forever.  Someone had asked about people’s feelings if the person you’re dating pulls out a coupon to help pay for the meal.   It was also brought up that many people expressed their dislike of doggie bags, calling them tacky.  I found it all surprising and amusing.    I told this story to Tonja who had her own things to say about it.  We came up with our own conclusions  about attitudes about such things.  She and I both fell on the same side and found it a bit elitist to be so harsh on nice people trying to save money and not wasting food you have already paid for by refusing to take it with you.

So the night came when she had said she was taking me out to a 5 star restaurant for a meal.  That never happens!  But it did.  Sizzler is my night out usually.   This time I put on make up and did my hair and wore actual shoes for the evening.  It was the nicest place I had ever been in.  A valet helped me out of the car (more on that in a while)  we went into this beautiful sultry restaurant with a two piece band playing some cool Jazz.  Me in my best dress and my friend representing suit and tie Butch right down to her shoes.   I was in heaven.

So we let the conversation just flow around all sorts of things but as the evening was winding down,  the Jazz band was gone and only a few conversations were going on around us.   There was a break in the conversations, we both raised an eyebrow when we heard from across the aisle.  The gentleman across the aisle pulled his waiter aside and said that he had brought a coupon and showed it to the waiter.  (I am just guessing but I think it was one of the coupons from coupon books you buy from your kids as a fund-raiser for their school)  This amused both me and Tonja to the point we were trying not to start laughing.   The waiter looked at the coupon and said,  “Yes we honor this coupon and our establishment wants to thank you for supporting the community by investing in our schools.”   Tonja and I lost it.  It was hard to be a grown up right then.   Our waitress came back and asked if we were ready for our dessert.   We both together tried very hard not to roll on the floor laughing because we both had no room for dessert.   The waitress not sure why we were unable to stop giggling went with the flow.   “Do you want to take what you haven’t eaten  (Prime Rib and garlic potatoes) home with you?”   I said, with a big grin,  “Yes I do, and if she (pointing to Tonja) doesn’t want hers I will take hers as well.”  So she smiled and left to get the first doggie bag…  Tonja was doing everything to not laugh out loud and tears from laughing were welling up in my eyes.  The waitress came back with the main entre’ and then said,  “Do you want to sit and have your dessert or do you want to take that home as well?”   I had the biggest grin on my face when I told her “why yes, yes  we do want to take it home, please”.  So she left.   I looked Tonja and said,  “This cannot really be happening can it?”  Then she burst out laughing and said,  “I wish I would have brought a coupon.”  Then…. we lost it.  We asked our waitress to take a picture of us and Tonja took a picture of me holding my doggie bag.

We had a time with living outside people’s boundaries of class and it was awesome.  Not just anyone gets to have Grande Marnier Mousse for breakfast or Tonja’s  Apple Cobbler.  I was just going to bed that night and ate that last bite of prime rib sitting in my other doggie bag and began thinking about the law of the jungle I witnessed outside the restaurant as we were leaving.   The valet had the upper hand in opening my door when we drove up but there was a well played “cock block” when the valet pulled the car up and tried to open up my door.   Tonja stepped in and opened my car door for me and I just grinned and looked down at my shoes.   It was awesome.

Some may say I have no class, but it didn’t stop me from having the night of my life, laughing and breaking all the rules of the elitists.

doggie bag tonyaandme


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