musings of Pandora


Pandora’s Box:  It can be as easy as the accepted social norm of asking a person you haven’t seen for awhile “how are you?” that is why I always give the person asking, a crooked smile and say, “are you just being cordial?” then I lower my head and look deep into their eyes and say, “or do you really want to know?” still smiling but more like the Cheshire cat instead.

4 thoughts on “musings of Pandora

  1. Ha! This is one of those things that always gets me, that in our society people ask “How are you” but often are surprised when you answer with anything other than “I’m fine, how are you?” Like somehow it’s not okay to be fine. I like your answer… coy but alluding to the truth that all may not be fine, without scaring people away, like I sometimes do.


  2. This makes me chuckle, especially when recently I was not too fine and I got asked that question a lot at work. When I say “I’m okay”, people would say, “Just okay?” Wow friend, “okay” is better than “I am doing horribly”.


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