A Tree Full of Birds

One of those little gifts from the universe that sometimes likes to play fun games to shock you back into the moment.


I left my apt. very early one morning.   It was dark and deathly quiet.  I was thinking how odd it was because for working people most people are up and going around that time so it was weird to me that not one other person was out walking a dog or starting their car.   I walked down the three floor walk up and then down the walk toward my carport.   I  stepped off onto the parking lot and hit to auto unlock button for my car.  It doesn’t make a sound but it flashes the headlights.    Now behind my carport runs a long line of very tall trees.   Suddenly,  as the light flashed all of the trees became alive with sleepy startled birds.   I don’t mean a couple.  I mean at least 100 but probably a million.  Cheeping, not chirping….  (my comparative as to the emotion of the bird.  Chirping is lilting and happy,  cheeping is a birds version of screeching WTF? to me)  and then there was the sound of flapping wings and the trees came alive with movement as they all took to the sky,  probably bumping into each other and branches and heaven knows what else.   I would liken it to a newborn’s strong startle reflex.   8 full trees,  in sudden chaos.        I jumped out of my skin and yelped (my sound for WTF?).  Then stood,  watching their outlines against a slightly lightening sky.  Once I realized I wasn’t going down in some random angry bird attack,  I began to laugh.   Loud.   If I had been seen on a video monitor I am sure my initial reaction would have been hilarious.   I kept laughing…  I laughed because it was funny.  Then I laughed because I was laughing all alone so had anyone seen me they would have surely thought I had gone round the bend. The birds were gone,  ain’t nothing funny here lady, WTF?   I felt joy in the simple act of laughing.  So I laughed more.   I think perhaps it was a little bit of the following days heavy sadness still leaking out in a different  form.   I had tears in my eyes and giggled all the way to the interstate.

That was a definite double header…  WOW!  and THANKS!    It was a very unique way to start my day.   Much better than continuing on from the emotion of the day before.   So I hope everyone get their own tree full of birds moment when they most need it.

Click link below:

//giphy.com/embed/GyR6CF1xEGdwY<p><a href=”http://giphy.com/gifs/birds-tree-netherlands-GyR6CF1xEGdwY”>via GIPHY</a></p>



6 thoughts on “A Tree Full of Birds

  1. Oh my, I would have crapped myself. Probably literally. Swarms of birds, especially birds cheeping WTF?, scare the pants off me. Even if logically I know they’re not actually out to kill me by pecking at me. What a way to start your morning!


    • I think that I reacted the way I did because I was in zombie mode and coming from a very sad weekend, who am I kidding, life. I imagine I was walking around with little to no affect. What startled me was that I realized I could still laugh. And laugh I did. I took advantage of it and let it go. 🙂 That was one of my best days.


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