Ode to the 4th

I miss those baby days….  those two were adorable!

The 4th of July has always held many wonderful memories for me. As a child we had long standing traditions of a the neighborhood parade, a carnival in the park, backyard BBQ’s with my mother’s spare rib sauce and oh so famous chocolate frosting graham crackers which I would snitch without hesitation. The smell of sparklers, snakes and smoke bombs immediately sends me back to a time when Zagger and Evans and The Zombies played on a “Top 40” radio station. I could go on forevah…but I won’t.

2 years ago I put this little music video together about my children’s 4th of July here in Boise. I hope you like it. My babies are bigger now, it’s amazing looking at these pictures how fast the changes come and how fleeting good times are.

May your 4th be a happy one. Perhaps you will engage in long standing traditions that no one in your family can remember exactly why you do them. Or you will strike out on your own making new traditions and new memories. Perhaps you will get really drunk and therefore forget the entire holiday… whichever it is I wish you fun and laughter, excitement and safety. Most of all I wish you good memories.

Happy Birthday America


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