15 Lines About 2 Different Women

This was written as I reflected last year after going to see Van Halen. It begged reviewing as I am once again considering seeing a blast from my past, the Rolling Stones.

1. I saw Van Halen in concert in 1980something.

2. I saw Van Halen in concert last night.

3. I traveled from Utah to San Bernadino with 3 boys and one hotel room.

4. I hopped up the interstate with one husband and 2 giggling tweens.

5. I smuggled 5 joints and a handful of pills proported to be synthetic morphine in my socks.

6. I was stopped and my purse searched and the cops found 2 diapers, wipes, a tampon and cell phone.

7. I couldn’t find anyone to buy me alcohol.

8. I had my choice of wine or beer and I drank it with everybody watching.

9. I smoked all my doobage and popped my pills and danced all night.

10. I had two beers and was ready for bed sometime right after Eddie’s solo.

11. I stood in fear as I watched a young man next to me die from an overdose.

12. I stood with joy as I peered at my daughter through the crowd, dancing to songs that I had danced to, knowing that she was safe.

13. I longed for “some day” where I was sure I would be happy.

14. I longed for yesterday where I was sure I had been happy.

15. I am both of these women, each pointing at the other with envy. I long for tomorrow, I long for yesterday. My present being too much of a mystery to understand.


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