I have seen it too many times,


I have seen the rise and fall of some of the best intentions.  Lets see,  iVillage (they went to “pay to play at the very same time they said if we gave them money our archives would  be saved if not years of conversations would be gone.  Our whole community was gone.  poof.     We were lucky to have a great couple who decided to start up their own site with the old format.  We flocked to the new promised land.  I was lucky enough to become the moderator of a couple boards…  people were basically good folks.  There was always a trouble maker here and there but we were so united to our boards that we all helped walk the trouble makers out.  We were a united front.  2 years later and one election season and we had forgotten about the good in the people who we cared about.  Manners left the building.  It was horrible.   I am a trusting soul,  those of us who were cried by day and a little of us died inside by night.   Things haven’t changed.  Boards only last for so long until there is a tipping point.  What is sad is just how long we clung to the dream of our new home,  while every thing and everyone were ready to kill it, softly, like strangling it and those predisposed to public flogging, did so until the owners of the site realized it just wasn’t worth it.  Too much hatred and too many tears from those who seriously thought they had a loving community.   I miss The Parent Perspective.  I even miss the ones who decided I was suddenly their enemy over night unless I joined their “side”.   I wasn’t about to do that.  But  finally we were damaged, all of us,  too much to ever knit our selves together again, let alone trust people who were seemingly close friends who came in and slit our throats from anger.  I dedicate this post to TPP.  With a thank you to Christina and Greg,  who knew where we were heading,  like the saying says, “No good deed goes unpunished”.  Nothing lasts forever.


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