Throwback Thursday

Once upon a time I lived in a little (not so little) white house and brought  my kids up among the flowers that were everywhere.  Their favorite time was when I would dead head the rose garden.   They waited excitedly until I was done.  It

took me twice as long because I would first trim off the rose and then stop to pull the petals off the spent flower.  We had enough roses to fill a bucket each time I did it.  1 to 2 weeks.  Then when I was done, they “decorated”  the grass.  I can still feel the joy it brought them to run around spread pink and white and red petals everywhere.  It made them so happy.  It made me tear up with joy to watch them having so much fun in their imaginary world where they got to color their world the way they wanted.

Wednesday 21, 2006

Because This is Who I Am…

It’s not all that I am. Today I am a teacher. Today I teach gardening. I teach my babies through play to enjoy all that flowers can be. I teach them each cycle of a flower’s life is a beautiful and a purposeful one. I teach them to rejoice in the changes. I teach them to decorate their lives in unconventional ways. I teach them to find joy in the simple and the silly. Today as I teach my children, I also teach myself.
Hannah (shorts)  Emma (dress)

Hannah (shorts) Emma (dress)

Emma bear

Emma bear

IMGP1918Hannah and EmmaIMGP1922IMGP1925IMGP1976IMGP1907IMGP1906IMGP1904IMGP1903IMGP1900IMGP1898IMGP1896


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