Do Girls Make Passes at Girls who wear Glasses?


When I was young I had to wear glasses.  Although I was complaining in a prior post about not having pictures of my youth,  there are those school pictures which never come out well anyway and show the choices I (my mother) picked for me.  I can live without seeing them again.

Time went by and my vision improved,  or the Dr. my mother took me to long ago also owned the frames and lens company a few doors down a musty hallway,  hum….  Anyway, I didn’t wear glasses again until about 2008 when I started getting headaches and couldn’t see the board at the front of the class.   I have long since needed a new pair because the old glasses just weren’t working for me anymore.

Luckily,  I went looking for frames in a time in society that glasses are cool.   So cool that my daughter wears several frames, some without lens in them.  So I had fun checking out the new and upcoming fashions.  I fell in love with two different pairs so I bought them both.  One of the perks of being an adult,  I make the decisions. So without further ado,  here are my new glasses!

thoughtful and understated.

thoughtful and understated.

Sassy red.

Sassy red.


4 thoughts on “Do Girls Make Passes at Girls who wear Glasses?

  1. They are a great shape. Very pretty.

    I know I could wear contact lens, but I actually like the way I look in glasses. They complete my face, or something.


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