Dear Virginia

I have suspected for a long while now that I must take myself back into the pain or the events to write with any passion about them. So it leaves me with two choices, I either write about things as if I am watching on the sidelines or I allow and purposely take myself back into the pain. I am a passionate and purposeful person, I would never do well as a broadcaster of events from the sidelines. I am faced with a choice I don’t really want to make.  I may very well be off chasing ghosts for awhile. No worries please. I have not begun filling my dress pockets with rocks or such. I am just trying to figure out why I do not have the ability to write without reliving and allowing the feelings back in that separated me from all that was good and positive or hopeful.

    “I am not one and simple but complex and many”

Virginia Woolf



3 thoughts on “Dear Virginia

  1. I find I am able to remember – mostly without reliving. Perhaps because time has allowed me that. Still, even then, there are times when it becomes very hard to feel what we felt, and to try to articulate that.


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